Cherry Pie & Cherry Berry Turnover + Hot Chocolate – Flying Star Cafe

Cherry Pie at Flying Star

You can never go wrong with pie, or for that matter even a turnover. At Flying Star, you can get a variety of pies (slices or whole) and pastries. On this visit, cherry pie was on my friend’s mind and a turnover was on mine.

The cherry pie slice simply looks like it was home made with its baked crust with sprinkled sugar bits on top. You simply get a lot of pie in one whole slice. It can be warmed up or served at room temperature–whichever you prefer.

Also, the cherry berry turnover is a great choice for desert too. It contains cherries and berries enveloped with layers of crispy buttery crust and sugar sprinkled on top. This too can be warmed up or served at room temperature.

Cherry Berry Turnover at Flying Star

Hot Chocolate at Flying Star

Additionally, you can wash down both deserts with a cup of hot chocolate topped with whipped cream.

The intended audience for these dishes is if you like pie. Also, you can bring your laptop or book and hang out there too. They have free WiFi available.


Pie: ~ $5
Turnover: ~ $3
Hot Chocolate: ~ $2.50 (tall)

Flying Star
Various Locations in Albuquerque, Bernalillo, and Santa Fe.