Charbroiled Sirloin & Green Chile Cheeseburger – K-Bobs

Charbroiled SIrloin at K-Bob's

At K-Bobs, you can order a variety of steaks, hamburgers, and salads. It is pretty much a country steakhouse where you can get a hearty meal. This time around, my friend chose the Charbroiled Sirloin and I chose the Green Chile Cheeseburger.

The sirloin pictured here is a nice slice of beef which is tender in texture and taste and pretty good. This plate contains two sides of your choice.

Green Chile Cheeseburger at K-Bobs

Another good plate to order is the Green Chile Cheeseburger. It is pretty much similar to cheeseburger, except contain a New Mexican favorite: green chile. The plate contains a side of steak-cut fries too.

The intended audience for these meals at K-Bobs is for those who want a hearty meal, want a taste of good steaks, or have a hamburger with New Mexican flavor.


Charbroiled Sirloin ~ $10

Green Chile Cheese Burger ~ $9

Various Locations Around New Mexico


Beef and Bean Burrito – Dos Hermanos

Dos Hermano's Burrito

Food should be portable and eating it in the restaurant is great, but sometimes you need it to go. Here comes burritos and Dos Hermanos serve a variety of burritos for any part of the day, breakfast burritos and just burritos.

They make two sizes, the “Ito” and “Dos” and what that means is small and large and you can have it made to order either with red or green chile, or both. You get a lot of food for the price and it’s filling.

For this burrito, I chose ground beef, beans, rice, cheese, and green chile. If you eat it at the restaurant, it can be smothered in chile. I needed a quick bite at the time I ate my burrito and this meal did the trick.

Intended audiences are those who want food to go with them and who want to build their own burrito. I also want to mention that you can get your quick fix of chile.

Price: ~ $4 – $7 (depends on what you order).

Dos Hermanos
Various locations in Albuquerque


Red Enchiladas & Chicken Strips – Barbara’s Dream Kitchen

Red Chile Cheese Enchiladas at Barbara's Dream Kitchen

Plain and simple is what you will get at Barbara’s Dream Kitchen. What is awesome is that the food is great and the value at this family restaurant.

You get a pretty tasty meal made quickly. This time, I ordered the Red Chile Cheese Enchiladas and my friend had the Chicken Strips.

Looking beyond the styrofoam plate, the red cheese enchiladas are tasty. It comes with an egg made to order, tortilla chips, and a light salad with ranch dressing.

Chicken Strips at Barbara's Dream Kitchen

My friend chose the chicken strips and they were equally as tasty. They come lightly breaded with fries, a salad, and another side choice. The creamy mashed potatoes work pretty well as a dipping sauce for the chicken.

The intended audience is for those who want a simple meal made quickly.


Enchiladas: ~ $6

Chicken Strips: ~$6

Barbara’s Dream Kitchen
102 College Ave
Socorro, NM 87801

(575) 835-1234


Sushi & Egg Rolls – Sushi King (downtown)

Sushi - Nigiri and California Roll at Sushi King

My visit to Sushi King with my friend deserved two posts about what we ate there. So here is the second half of the visit posted here. What my friend ordered at Sushi King was the Sushi Combo 1, which has seven pieces of nigiri, a California roll, and seaweed salad. At first impression, this plate looks very colorful with all the pieces neatly arranged on a plate. If you have never had sushi, here is the rundown: nigiri are the pieces of sushi with a topping on it and California rolls are the pieces wrapped with seaweed and rice.

On this plate, the nigiri are mostly on the left and center, California rolls are on the bottom right, seaweed salad on the top left, and ginger and wasabi are on the top right.

The nigiri prepared here has tuna, salmon, tamago (sweet egg), octopus, and shrimp.

Egg Rolls at Sushi King

In addition to the sushi, the egg rolls are quite tasty with the light sweet and sour sauce.

The intended audience are for those who want to try a variety of sushi.


Sushi Combo: ~ $13

Egg Rolls: ~ $4

Sushi King (downtown)
118 Central Ave SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102

(505) 842-5099


Cherry Pie & Cherry Berry Turnover + Hot Chocolate – Flying Star Cafe

Cherry Pie at Flying Star

You can never go wrong with pie, or for that matter even a turnover. At Flying Star, you can get a variety of pies (slices or whole) and pastries. On this visit, cherry pie was on my friend’s mind and a turnover was on mine.

The cherry pie slice simply looks like it was home made with its baked crust with sprinkled sugar bits on top. You simply get a lot of pie in one whole slice. It can be warmed up or served at room temperature–whichever you prefer.

Also, the cherry berry turnover is a great choice for desert too. It contains cherries and berries enveloped with layers of crispy buttery crust and sugar sprinkled on top. This too can be warmed up or served at room temperature.

Cherry Berry Turnover at Flying Star

Hot Chocolate at Flying Star

Additionally, you can wash down both deserts with a cup of hot chocolate topped with whipped cream.

The intended audience for these dishes is if you like pie. Also, you can bring your laptop or book and hang out there too. They have free WiFi available.


Pie: ~ $5
Turnover: ~ $3
Hot Chocolate: ~ $2.50 (tall)

Flying Star
Various Locations in Albuquerque, Bernalillo, and Santa Fe.


Japanese Chicken Curry – Sushi King (downtown)

Japanese Chicken Curry at Sushi King

A quick online search for “sushi king” yields plenty of restaurants named Sushi King across the nation, however I think they are named similarly and individually owned or operated. (I may be wrong, so comment away).

But that doesn’t stop the eating! Instead of sushi, here we have Japanese Chicken Curry. Not to be mistaken for curry [insert favorite meat: beef, chicken, pork] and rice, but this dish is simply like a soup.

Miso soup at Sushi King

It has pieces of chicken that are thinly sliced and cooked, potatoes, and slices of carrots all sitting in a soupy mixture of mild curry sauce. Included on the side is a bowl of rice topped with sesame seeds and a bowl of miso soup.

Rice with sesame seeds at Sushi King

The intended audience are for those who prefer taking a break from binging on sushi and want an alternative Japanese dish.

Price: ~$10

Sushi King (downtown)
118 Central Ave SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102

(505) 842-5099