Two Item Combination – El Camino

Two Item Combination at El Camino

At El Camino, you can order a multitude of breakfast, New Mexican, and American food–any time during the day. So on this visit to El Camino, I ordered the Two Item Combination plate. You can pick two of anything from cheese, beef, or chicken enchiladas, tamale, chile relleno, and taco. It comes with a choice of red or green chile, and beans and rice.

On this plate, I ordered it with a cheese enchilada, a beef taco, and topped with green chile. It also was topped with cheese. The intended audience for this plate are for those who want to choose what they want to eat.

Price: ~ $7

El Camino Restaurant & Lounge
707 California Street
Socorro, NM 87801-4283
(575) 835-1180

Flautas & Green Chile Cheese Enchiladas – Don Juan’s Cocina

Flautas at Don Juan's Cocina

Don Juan’s Cocina is quite a unique restaurant in Socorro. Their food is astonishingly great and authentic New Mexican. What may seem to be a small restaurant with a small menu, they offer a variety of New Mexican foods. On this visit, my friend ordered the Flautas plate, and I ordered Green Chile Cheese Enchiladas.

On the Flautas plate, you get flautas–which are corn tortillas filled with beef (think taquitos, but not) with guacomole along with beans, rice, lettuce, and tomatoes. My friend opted out of the rice and asked for beans only.

Green Chile Cheese Enchiladas at Don Juan’s Cocina

For me, I ordered a classic–green chile cheese enchiladas. On this plate, you get rolled corn tortillas filled with cheese, topped with cheese and a choice of red or green chile. It also comes with beans and rice. Optional is the egg on top. The chile is nice a hot.

The intended audience for these plates is for those who want to indulge in green chile or want a taste of guacamole.

Don Juan’s Cocina
118 Manzanares Ave E,
Socorro, NM?

(575) 835-9967


Frito Pie & Combination Plate – Sofia’s Kitchen

Combination Plate at Sofia's

Now I’m back updating Eat Local NM! Computer troubles and moving to a new place made updates tricky. But that doesn’t stop the eating in New Mexico.

Sofia’s is a restaurant in Socorro that is quick to eat and has a great selection of New Mexican and American foods. But where they stand out is the hot and spicy food they serve there–plus the gigantic cups of water, tea, and soda. I ordered the Combination Plate, which is a sampling of food–cheese enchilada, tamale, taco, beans, and rice–and smothered with either red or green chile.

Frito Pie at Sofia's

My friend ordered the Frito Pie, which is a small meal but packs a punch with spice. It is simply chile and meat piled on frito chips with cheese sprinkled on top.


Combination Plate: ~ $8

Frito Pie: ~ $6

Sofia’s Kitchen
105 Bullock St.
Socorro, NM 87801



Computer Troubles

My poor sick MacBook

Hi everyone! Here at Eat Local NM, I try to post weekly about food, but I had some problems on the computer that I used for editing and loading the photos to the site. My laptop had a hardware failure and required repair and restoration of all the applications and files. Yes, it is a MacBook, but it’s over three and a half years old and has worked fantastic for me. All computers fail eventually, and all we have to do is move forward.

So, all is not lost, I have the photos from the past few weeks saved on my camera. By this Friday, I hope to get everything resolved and back up to regularly posting. So keep checking up in the following weeks and next month I’ll be featuring more restaurants  in Albuquerque and find some local producers.

If you have a local restaurant suggestion for me, please leave a comment below!


Charbroiled Sirloin & Green Chile Cheeseburger – K-Bobs

Charbroiled SIrloin at K-Bob's

At K-Bobs, you can order a variety of steaks, hamburgers, and salads. It is pretty much a country steakhouse where you can get a hearty meal. This time around, my friend chose the Charbroiled Sirloin and I chose the Green Chile Cheeseburger.

The sirloin pictured here is a nice slice of beef which is tender in texture and taste and pretty good. This plate contains two sides of your choice.

Green Chile Cheeseburger at K-Bobs

Another good plate to order is the Green Chile Cheeseburger. It is pretty much similar to cheeseburger, except contain a New Mexican favorite: green chile. The plate contains a side of steak-cut fries too.

The intended audience for these meals at K-Bobs is for those who want a hearty meal, want a taste of good steaks, or have a hamburger with New Mexican flavor.


Charbroiled Sirloin ~ $10

Green Chile Cheese Burger ~ $9

Various Locations Around New Mexico


Beef and Bean Burrito – Dos Hermanos

Dos Hermano's Burrito

Food should be portable and eating it in the restaurant is great, but sometimes you need it to go. Here comes burritos and Dos Hermanos serve a variety of burritos for any part of the day, breakfast burritos and just burritos.

They make two sizes, the “Ito” and “Dos” and what that means is small and large and you can have it made to order either with red or green chile, or both. You get a lot of food for the price and it’s filling.

For this burrito, I chose ground beef, beans, rice, cheese, and green chile. If you eat it at the restaurant, it can be smothered in chile. I needed a quick bite at the time I ate my burrito and this meal did the trick.

Intended audiences are those who want food to go with them and who want to build their own burrito. I also want to mention that you can get your quick fix of chile.

Price: ~ $4 – $7 (depends on what you order).

Dos Hermanos
Various locations in Albuquerque