About Eat Local NM

This site is dedicated to discovering the tastes of New Mexico.

Eating food is a fun activity, so is writing about it. The theme for this site is to talk about foods and dishes we eat, and the events about food.

The criteria for what we write on our blog is relatively easy.

  • single food items have to be grown, cultivated, or produced in N.M.
  • dishes or meals have to be prepared by local businesses, or local chains in N.M.
  • events and festivals have to feature food or dishes mostly found in N.M.

Any kind of food from any kind of culture for any kind of person can show up on our blog. The purpose is to support local businesses with online exposure that is unique to this state. The authors on this site are a variety of native New Mexicans and transplants from other parts of the world, which each one brings a unique view of the food found in our state.

Please support us by checking back every week on Fridays around 3 p.m. for a new article!

Contact us via email at: eatlocalnm at gmail.com
Find us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/eatlocalnm


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