Bandeja Paisa – El Pollo Real

Colombian arepas

Colombian arepas with salsa at El Pollo Real

Colombian food is quite a treat if you can find it in New Mexico. I  enjoy eating the cuisine as often as I can because it is unique to the culture and lifestyle from Colombia. In this latest post at Eat Local NM, the Bandeja Paisa is a great plate to relish in the taste of Colombian food.

First, let me introduce to you Colombian arepas. Arepas are corn meal cakes that are baked, usually tough and served warm–just think of a very thick, hockey-puck size and shaped corn tortilla. But the Colombian arepas are unlike what I just described. They have a cheesy interior and have a soft buttery taste that simply melts in your mouth! If you intend on going, I recommend ordering their Colombian arepas.

Bandeja Paisa

Bandeja Paisa at El Pollo Real

After the arepas, I ordered the Bandeja Paisa. This dish consists of a lot of meat, including a strip of steak, chorizo, and chicharron. The chorizo is a Colombian-style sausage with a variety of meats, and the chicharron is a strip of deep-fried pork rind. These meats are very delicious if you have a penchant for a variety of meat choices. Along with the meat, this plate comes with rice, beans, a cooked egg, an avocado slice, and cooked plantains.

The intended audience for this appetizer and plate are for those seeking something different and those who have lived in or visited Colombia. This dish looks similar to what you might find on a farm: eggs, meat, beans, rice. So if you like eating those items, this dish is for you.


Colombian Arepas ~ $4
Bandeja Paisa ~ $11

El Pollo Real
600 Lousiana Blvd SE
Albuquerque, NM 87108



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  2. Tough question. Authentic Mexican food and innedriegts are tough to come in DC. There is a large Central American and Andean community in DC but Mexican stuff is hard to come by. If you ever want to do the authentic Mexican thing, you have to go to Riverdale, MD (PG county) which has a large Puebla, Mexico community.I am going to assume coming from Tucson you are seeking out thin, corn tortillas unlike the thick corn ones that some central americans eat. That can be found in most stores in the area and there are too many to list. Can’t recall a specific brand right now. If I had to list a store in Silver Spring, I would recommend the numerous latin stores next to and around Pollo Rico, 2541 Ennalls Avenue, Silver Spring, Maryland 20902 in Wheaton, Maryland. There are at least four places there that sell latin products though they slant heavily towards Central American goods and not Mexican but that will be the case most places you go to here in the DC area. Additionally, there is a bakery near Pollo Rico that has a tortilla machine though I have never purchased them so I can’t tell you what they taste like. Sorry couldn’t be more help.

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