Buckhorn Burger & Hamburger Special – Buckhorn Tavern

Buckhorn Burger at Buckhorn Tavern

At the Buckhorn Tavern, you can get a lot of great tasting food, and in particular the most-ordered menu item there. Diners particularly like the Buckhorn Burger – a hamburger patty with tomatoes, lettuce, cheese,  New Mexican green chile, and a hamburger bun. Normally, you add ketchup or mustard to the hamburger, but the green chile adds a lot of flavor to the hamburger that it isn’t too necessary. You can have it made to order. In addition, fries and a can of soda are also great to have along with the burger.

Buckhorn Hamburger Special at Buckhorn Tavern

For those who want fries and something different, the Hamburger Special is truly unique. It is a hamburger patty smothered in green chile and cheese, topped with french fries and a slice of Texas toast. According to the Buckhorn Tavern, this is not a hamburger–and it really isn’t one.

The intended audience for these two plates are for those craving green chile and cheese.

Price ranges:

Buckhorn Burger: ~ $6
Hamburger Special: ~ $7

Buckhorn Tavern
68 Highway 380
San Antonio, NM 87832



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