Frito Pie & Combination Plate – Sofia’s Kitchen

Combination Plate at Sofia's

Now I’m back updating Eat Local NM! Computer troubles and moving to a new place made updates tricky. But that doesn’t stop the eating in New Mexico.

Sofia’s is a restaurant in Socorro that is quick to eat and has a great selection of New Mexican and American foods. But where they stand out is the hot and spicy food they serve there–plus the gigantic cups of water, tea, and soda. I ordered the Combination Plate, which is a sampling of food–cheese enchilada, tamale, taco, beans, and rice–and smothered with either red or green chile.

Frito Pie at Sofia's

My friend ordered the Frito Pie, which is a small meal but packs a punch with spice. It is simply chile and meat piled on frito chips with cheese sprinkled on top.


Combination Plate: ~ $8

Frito Pie: ~ $6

Sofia’s Kitchen
105 Bullock St.
Socorro, NM 87801



4 thoughts on “Frito Pie & Combination Plate – Sofia’s Kitchen

  1. This is a wonderful WordPress Blog Website. I got your sight information from my FatCow newsletter.

    I love your affiliate links. Im gonna have to learn more about the coupons and stuff.

    Anyway, I love the blog because I live in New Mexico. It seems like you are right on target with these articles. I am anxious to try some of the places you mentioned in Socorro. We go through Socorro often on our way to the Butte. I stopped in San Antonio several times for an Owl Burger. I did not even know about the Buckhorn. I do need to try one of the other restaurants mentioned in Socorro. I tried another Mexican restaurant there once. It has two names in the title. It was pretty good. There are so many wonderful places to eat in New Mexico. We live in Rio Rancho and travel often to the Frontier. Great hang out and Great Food.
    Rio Rancho is loosing a Not so good Restaurant here. It is finally closing down. Nice little place for a “Golden Pride”. Lets tell the owners of Golden Pride and Frontier.

    Thank you for a great New Mexico Food site.

  2. I’m glad you enjoy my website and that you’re on Fatcow Hosting too!

    I’m working to add more as I eat out–just gotta remember to take a picture of it. I should continuously update weekly while I have the chance.

    Again, please check back weekly! Plus what WordPress site do you run?

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