Computer Troubles

My poor sick MacBook

Hi everyone! Here at Eat Local NM, I try to post weekly about food, but I had some problems on the computer that I used for editing and loading the photos to the site. My laptop had a hardware failure and required repair and restoration of all the applications and files. Yes, it is a MacBook, but it’s over three and a half years old and has worked fantastic for me. All computers fail eventually, and all we have to do is move forward.

So, all is not lost, I have the photos from the past few weeks saved on my camera. By this Friday, I hope to get everything resolved and back up to regularly posting. So keep checking up in the following weeks and next month I’ll be featuring more restaurants  in Albuquerque and find some local producers.

If you have a local restaurant suggestion for me, please leave a comment below!


2 thoughts on “Computer Troubles

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