Japanese Chicken Curry – Sushi King (downtown)

Japanese Chicken Curry at Sushi King

A quick online search for “sushi king” yields plenty of restaurants named Sushi King across the nation, however I think they are named similarly and individually owned or operated. (I may be wrong, so comment away).

But that doesn’t stop the eating! Instead of sushi, here we have Japanese Chicken Curry. Not to be mistaken for curry [insert favorite meat: beef, chicken, pork] and rice, but this dish is simply like a soup.

Miso soup at Sushi King

It has pieces of chicken that are thinly sliced and cooked, potatoes, and slices of carrots all sitting in a soupy mixture of mild curry sauce. Included on the side is a bowl of rice topped with sesame seeds and a bowl of miso soup.

Rice with sesame seeds at Sushi King

The intended audience are for those who prefer taking a break from binging on sushi and want an alternative Japanese dish.

Price: ~$10

Sushi King (downtown)
118 Central Ave SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102

(505) 842-5099


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